The North Omaha Community Care Council was an idea and concept introduced to the faculty and staff of UNMC in the spring of 1996. Robin Kammandel, RN advocated to develop a closer relationship with the local communities though the development of Community Partnership. The formulation of a community advisory board was begun with the idea that members would either live, work or own businesses in the north Omaha area. The recruitment of 20 community members and one ex-official member from the Douglas County Board of Health would encompass the working advisory board.

This board would develop their own governing By-Laws and policies for operation. A budget was given to Robin Kammandel to start operations and engagement with the community. In the fall of 1996, a Community Liaison was hired to facilitate over the newly formed NOCCC. Mr. Wayne R. Houston would be tasked with the development of By-Laws and policies, member recruitment, bi-monthly meetings, sub-committees, campus resources and youth programming.

Under the leadership of the first NOCCC President, Carolyn Green, the advisory board established a Communications, Community Health Issues, Youth and Young Adult sub-committees. Because of the need to provide services to the community and well as existing in an advisory capacity, the governance group decided to look into fundraising options. The NOCCC received 501C3 tax exempt status on March 6, 2004

Today the NOCCC has expanded its leadership board and members to represent over 50 organizations in and around the north Omaha community.